House of Fraser

We were approached by House of Fraser to take part in their Norfolk Day pop up shop exhibition recently and as business based in Norfolk, we could not refuse. It was great to see so many different businesses from within the Food and Beverage industry but also some small bespoke designers showing off their amazing products. Being in House of Fraser, we were sure to catch the eye of our customers and we were busy all day handing out free samples of our Uteapia Pillow packs along with the odd hot beverage. It was a great success and we will soon be back in House of Fraser, so keep checking our socials so you know when to come and find us : )

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With autumn fast approaching, we have bundled a pack of our teas together to help you get through the transition from the warm summer days to the darker evenings. The pack has everything in it you will need to fight off the change in seasons. Lets talk specifics – What does the pack contain and what are the benefits?

2 x Daytime Detox – A powerful blend of herbs and spices which will leave your body feeling renewed and detoxified. Why not take one a day to work because you can use each tea bag three times, so you can just keep topping up. The blend is aimed to relieve muscle pain, cold and cough symptoms, promote a healthy gastrointestinal tract, support a healthy eating diet and also sharpen your thinking skills – see, we said it was great for work

1 x Energising – A potent blend of Siberian Ginseng, cinnamon bark, liquorice, gotu kola seeds and matcha green tea. This is a tea which will boost your energy, improve your athletic performance, help to prevent and treat cold and flu symptoms and is packed full of antioxidants from the Matcha Green Tea. As the mornings get a little darker and a little colder, these little pyramids will put a spring in your step.

1 x Moroccan Mint – We put this in because its full of tasty peppermint green tea which is packed full of antioxidants, but worth saving to create a Moroccan Mint Green Tea Mojito on a Friday evening after a long week at work. Go on, you deserve it.

1 x Night-Time Cleanse – A special blend of peppermint, senna, fenugreek, liquorice, valerian root, and psyllium seeds help cleanse and purify the body. Drank once every other night, you will start to feel the benefits of this relaxing evening drink. Sleep well and get up feeling bright and ready to take on the day.

1 x Super Berry – This might all sound doom and gloom, but lets be honest, this time of year can sometimes spark some relatively good weather. Its the mix of weather conditions which bring on the cold and flu symptoms but you need a back up plan. Uteapia Super Berry is you knight in shining armour. Not only is it packed full of vitamin C to fight off the symptoms of colds and flu, but it also tastes pretty good as a cordial. We will share the best way of getting the perfect Super Berry cordial on our social media channels soon.

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